Valentine's Day Messages!

Elizabeth V.

“You guys are the BEST!!!! Thank you for helping make sure kids have Christmas. I admire you.”

Michelle C.

“Words are really not enough to express the appreciation, LOVE, and gratitude felt Christmas morning, knowing a stranger decided they would get up and be a blessing to one they did not know. Thank you, and happy Valentine’s Day.”

Joseph C.

“As a child who grew up on the Toys for Tots program, I am thankful for all that you do, and am proud to donate to the wonderful work folks like yourselves tackle. Thanks for everything.”

Brenda B.

“My heart goes out to everyone who put their souls and hearts into helping these children who are less fortunate, and there is no greater love. I'm wishing you a Happy Valentine's day and many, many more for the years to come.”

Dora S.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the heroes without the capes. You brighten up so many worlds of little children's lives, and I hope this can brighten up yours. I am so thankful for what you do and have done. I hope God blesses you, Happy Valentine's Day!”

Ian W.

“You are appreciated and loved for the passion, dedication and joy you give every year through this incredible program. I was honored to be a small part of it during my time in the Corps and am proud to continue supporting through donations every year. That wouldn't be possible without your leadership and guidance of such a massive and significant program. THANK YOU AND SEMPER FIDELIS!!”

Mahogany W.

“In 2016 I lost a lot. I had to rebuild in order for my children to have even an inkling of normalcy they were used to. By 2019 we were a year in to having a home and the bills being a single parent to 4 small kids is tremendous on me. I reached out to 'Toys for Tots' hoping to get help. We were fortunate enough to be a part of the receiving families that year. You helped make Christmas 2019 a little brighter than the past 2 years before because of your efforts to help families in need. I want to thank you with every fiber in me for coming through for us. Here's to you having a loving & true Valentine's Day in 2022 because I know you're still busy prepping to be Secret Santa to children all over.”

Susie G.

“Your hard work providing for less fortunate children is a real inspiration. While many of us can donate to support you, you are what keeps this wonderful tradition alive.”

Estrellita J.

“Thank you all for your effortlessly hard work & dedication to put smiles on all these babies/kids’ faces. There's not enough "thank-you's", to express our gratitude & appreciation. I pray God cont. to bless each & every one of you all. Have a blessed Valentines.”

Toni S.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you do to bring a little joy into the lives of so many children! I've donated to Toys for Tots every single year for over 50 years...but you are the engine that makes the magic happen...every smile is because of your dedication. Hope your day is as happy as you make the world for others! You are Valentines for the whole wide world!”

Col. Ken, USMC (Retired) and Susan B.

“To the Toys for Tots Coordinators & volunteers all year long—your dedication, time, and selfless efforts to bring joy & happiness to less fortunate children are recognized and greatly appreciated. My wife & I provide similar support to the Marines and Sailors in Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton during the holidays, so we clearly relate to the support and sacrifice it takes to provide this kind of dedicated service during the holidays...Well Done & Semper Fidelis to you & yours.”

Darla Y.

“Thank you for all of the hours and unending compassion you have devoted to everyone you serve. It takes your talent to care and give so selflessly, and I can only hope that you feel the warmth and appreciation you deserve. A very Happy Valentine’s Day and you are appreciated more than you know!”

Colleen P.

“So grateful for the good work that you do! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many children and for bringing joy to so many! Hope you feel the love and appreciation you deserve each and every day, but especially on Valentine's Day! Best wishes for the happiest of days!”

Sherry C.

“Thank you for everything you do each and every day! We appreciate you! I don't know what some of those children would do without you!! Please know you are in our hearts and our prayers! Much love on Valentine's Day and every day! THANK YOU!!!”

Marie R.

“I wish you all the love and happiness in the world, y'all are absolutely amazing for all that you do. My children would not have had a Christmas last year if it weren't for y'all. Thank you and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!”

The Wilson Family

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all Toys for Tots Coordinators and volunteers. I would like to thank all the dedicated Coordinators and volunteers for all of your hard work you do 365 days a year. I'm so grateful for everything you have done for my children, grandchildren, and myself during this and many past Christmases. You are providing much more joy than you can ever imagine. You have helped us so many times during difficult times and blessed us. We want to send love and virtual hugs to all of you for all the love you continuously show to all.”

Joanna K.

“I support Toys for Tots, because I was lucky enough to have wonderful Christmases, as a child, and want to help children not as fortunate as I was to have a Merry Christmas. My donations serve a purpose, but without the dedication, and hours of volunteer work to get the toys to the children in need, there would not be smiles on the children's faces, who you help on Christmas morning. Your gifts of time and hard work are what makes Toys for Tots, a wonderful, rewarding, charity to be a part of. For the love of children you show in your work for Toys for Tots, I wish all the volunteers a Happy Valentine's Day and salute you for your efforts to bring joy to children in need.”

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